czwartek, 18 marca 2010


Once a year, the dwarf in me awakes to go to the pub, drink green beer and sing. Yes, in tune. And yes, with tankard swinging. Yesterday was that day, and it went so well:). Saw Michael Flatley for the first time in right company and it was hilarious!
So now I think about kitchen in kelly green^^.

wtorek, 16 marca 2010


So I think I know what I want to do in every room. Hope that my husband ideas are at least similiar or that we can reach some kind of agreement. We did over the bathroom, so it's a good start:).
So I want bathroom in black&white, kitchen in white&green&brown, sleeping room in blue. As for the living room either white walls or some light colour, so it can be redecorated easily.

niedziela, 14 marca 2010


Guess I should decide on a language:P.
Considering project 3xM(Małżeństwo, Mieszkanie, Magisterka or Marriage, Home, Degree)- I got married last Friday, which makes me a March bride. And I am a living proof that You can organise a wedding in three days, survive and even enjoy it ^^(although I recommend taking a day or two off the work afterwards to sleep the stress off). And we signed the deal for the flat on Wednsday. It's still long way to go, but at least we finished stage one and two. The only untouched thing is my degree but I'll get to that :).
It's a middle of March and it's snowing in here! Think big fluffy snowflakes creating a Christmas-ish landscape. Pretty, I wish lighting was better and I could take some pictures, but I wish for a Spring, tulips on every corner and all that.