środa, 28 października 2009

Freezing cold

At work and it's cold in here, even for me. And the aircondition cherrfully sends even more cold air, instead of warm. So I'm drinking one cup of tea after another, and consider buying gloves during my lunchbreak. If I have any money, cause right now I'm pitifully poor ;).
Yesterday's action Feed the student was, I think, a success. At least K. didn't complain, but I haven't heard from her since evening. It was fun even though I didn't feel too well.

poniedziałek, 26 października 2009

celtic earrings and important meeting

Got celtic earrings from a friend- a pair of silver triangles with those celtic knots. They're cute, but my jewelery box is now full and I have to get a new one fast. I broke the pearls I got from my Mom the other day, trying to put everything inside.
I uploaded new photos on DA and got some nice comments. I'm glad but I wish some told me what to improve. I'm not a good photographer, far from it, I'm still learning and I neeed some sort of guide. I don't want to follow anyone'e style and I don't have time to go to school, it's just a hobby, but I want to be good. And to be good I need a critique(not hate comments, critique).
Anyway, I'm waiting for a very important meeting. My boss asked me to be there and I could hardly say no, but I still don't know,why I should be there. My opinion is not really important and I have some other things to do. So I'm a bit nervous.

niedziela, 25 października 2009

Dalight Saving Time

I always get confused when Daylight Saving Time ends. My computer and phone changed the hour by themselves, but still I'm not sure what hour this is and it will be like that for a couple of days.
I noticed I'm suddenly using this blog very often, but I think it will pass soon;)

sobota, 24 października 2009

Saturday Morning

Getting ready to go and meet my soulmate at the bus station. She's coming for a very short visit, only one day. I hope we make most of it, even though the weather is awful.
Evening update:
So I got a pair of earrings- little red currants, lots of photos and I talked for hours. My legs are killing me but that's rather pleasing sensation, means I did some physical activity today.
My boyfriend is about to try facial mask :)

piątek, 23 października 2009


I'm doing a must-have list. It's just getting longer and longer, and I planned to make some savings... I hope I will be able to, as I have to buy some winter clothes and some house-stuff. I'm tired of keeping things in brown boxes from P&P, if I can't own a flat I want to live in a one I like.
Have to think about something for kitchen.
Went to a bookstore to check new Sapkowski book. The paperback edition is... weird, as I held it  I got an impression that the book will fall apart in a minute. Looks like an edition that You can read and then leave in tram or subway without regrets. But then the price says the contrary.
So I will probably wait until the book gets translated, and purchase the english version.
This is the longest post here so far.

sobota, 17 października 2009

tea with cocaine

And a lazy day at home. Tea is from Peru, my colleague bought it for me. It tastes like hay, but after drinking half a mug I'm starting to like it.